Get income for completing tasks

Do simple actions, perform tasks in your personal cabinet and earn blockchain cryptocurrencies. Depending on the customer of the advertising campaign with tasks, users easily earn crypto-assets of different projects.

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Today you can earn SEED tokens from Bill-Mill on tasks in your personal account

As well as base coins ZHC of the ZHCASH blockchain, tokenized shares of Supernode SN22 - of the physical part of the blockchain platform ZHCASH, tokenized game platform assets with augmented reality ZBOOM, tokenized assets MILL - which can be multiplied in staking and subsequently withdrawn on the exchange.

Where to begin?

1. Sign up on the platform

2. Complete simple tasks

3. Get income in tokens on your balance

What to do with the tokens?

Each of the received assets has a value, for example tokens SEED are guaranteed to redeem Bill-Mill lots from 10USD in equivalent, ZHC coin is the base coin of the ZHCASH blockchain that participates in settlements and converts on exchanges, tokenized SN22 shares generate income in ZHC coins and can also be sold on the token market etc.

Most of the tasks give about 0.01-0.30USD equivalent in their assets for completion. - an easy way for additional income!

To do this, just share a referral link from your personal account and information on how you can earn here.

You can earn from the work of your entire group of invited people up to the 5th level of interconnection.

They earn their assets, and another 20 percent of their earnings are distributed 5 levels up the team tree.

And these can be very substantial sums. After all, it has long been known that a large group of people can do much more than one person...


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