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video advertising
is easy.

Video-Mill is a unique product that combines video production, active online surveying and promotion of your video online.

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4 days

The average
video is being edited

200 SEED

Costs a questionnaire
one user

100 000 +

Users from all over the country

Video ads + survey at an affordable price

Video-Mill is for those who have big plans for promotion and video creation, but tight budget limits. But with Video-Mill you always get more!

We carefully study your profile. We edit your video ad. We survey focus groups with the video. And you, meanwhile, get views and feedback from real people and future clients.

How it works

1. Fill out an application

Our manager will contact you to understand your needs in more detail and fill out a brief for the video production team.

2. We do videos and surveys

In a few days we will make a video, "get our users interested" in watching it, and answer any questions for your business.

3. You get reviews and customers

As a result, your brand is known by thousands of people, and your video has an increase in real views and feedback from potential customers.

What will you get as a result?

Video clip with comprehensive coverage of your business and its benefits.

* Thorough reviews from real people, from the beginning to the end of the ad.

* Feedback from potential clients.

* Social activities - comments, likes, distribution in the network.


We have carefully selected several packages so that everyone can choose what suits their goals and budget

Prices will go up from April 20! Hurry up! Order now.!

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